What makes something Halal or Haram?

With regards to the term “Halal” With regards to the term Halal within the food & beverage industry. It simply the first anything permissible to consume. If is used in reference to animal meat, then it means any animal which has been slaughtered in accordance with the sharia method is Halal to consume. All natural and man-made foods and beverages are considered Haram if they are explicitly prohibited by the Quran or the Hadith, or they cause intoxication and or harm to the human body, other living creatures, and the surrounding environment in both small and large quantities. All by products and waste products derived from these Haram sources are also considered Haram. With regards to business practices, the word Halal can be associated the Quran’s and sharia based ethical modus operandi involved in manufacturing, processing, logistics, distribution, and sale of goods and services offered and rendered. Any business practices that involve the use and sale of things known to be Haram would make everything about that business Haram, including the profits made from such activities. Similarly, any business practices involving unlawful activities as prescribed by the law of the land, or involving dishonesty I’m cheating other for any purpose can be considered Haram. The practice off Usury or interest based lending and borrowing along with the banking practices offering interests paid out on one’s savings and deposits are also considered Haram.