Our collection of branded women’s abayas has amazing designs that are aesthetically pleasing without compromising on the purpose for which the abaya is worn. Take your pick from stitched detailed abayas to pleat detailed abayas. The collection comprises different types of embroidery detailed abayas, stitched abayas and contrastingly designed sleeved abayas. Discover the finest set of abayas to complete your wardrobe in style. These classic abayas are perfect for integrating into your everyday wardrobe. Discover the finest set of abayas to complete your wardrobe, the selection at Namshis has a variety of detailed Arabian clothing from international brands such as BASMA, Nukhbaa, Refka by Modanisa, Tavin By Modanisa, Thouq, Haya’s Closet, Moistreet, Khizana, Azzalia, Line73 by Zahra, Femi 9, Golden Apple, Kashkha, Khizana, Leem, Trendyol, Por La Cara By Modanisa and Meem by Mariyah to choose from.


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